​​​​Elevate your Facial Experience!

​ADD a collagen infused neck masque - $15

Great to boost hydration, collagen building to soften fine lines and wrinkles.

ADD a Jelly Masque -  $30

Jelly masks are made mainly with refined alginate. They contain more alginate than regular rubber masks. Jelly mask texture is like jelly, which provides full hydration and a natural cooling effect all at once. Also, they create  a complete soft, vacuum-like seal over the skin. This function is the most important. Under the vacuum seal, the mask pushes hydration and nourishing ingredients (from the mask and/or other topical products) deep into the skin.

ADD a Collagen Masque - $30
Collagen is great for anti aging, softening fine lines and wrinkles, hydration, and creates radiant skin.

Boost your experience by adding an enhancement

to your Facial for an additional fee. Group discounts only apply to the enhancements below.
1 Enhancement $15

2 Enhancements $25

3 Enhancements $30

 Crystal Eye Lift (add to facial or tinting service)

This innovative eye treatment is infused with pure natural extracts and high-density phyto collagen and skin-restoring emollients to replenish skin's lost collagen. It highly nourishes, tightens, and revitalizes the delicate skin around the eye while reducing puffiness and dark circles. This beneficial treatment helps to increase intracellular vitamin C levels, decrease capillary permeability and fragility, and scavenge oxidants and free radicals. Remember the first signs of aging are around your eyes.

Plumping Lip Treatment (can only be added to a facial or tinting service)
Focusing on a much neglected area, the lip contour will be redefined and wrinkles and furrows are smoothed. This treatment will leave your lips soft, hydrated and plumped!

Sinus Treatment (can be added to a facial, body scrub, wrap or massage)

An organic eucalyptus blend is massaged into your temples and sinus area. Clear your sinuses with our most popular add-on!

Headache Relief (can be added to a facial, body scrub, wrap or massage)

Features a combination of peppermint and lavender essential oils to assist in fighting and preventing headaches.

Scalp & Hair Treatment  (can be added to a facial, body scrub, wrap or massage)

A soothing scalp massage featuring an organic blend of luxurious essential oils. A rich, conditioning aromatherapy blend designed to add nutrients to the hair, scalp, and skin.

Full Body Dry Brush (can be added to a facial, body scrub, or massage)

Skin cells are constantly shedding and skin brushing helps facilitate the process and thus the removal of toxins, such as uric acid. Skin brushing also targets the blood and lymphatic systems of the body. Lymph nodes and lymph vessels throughout the body are part of the immune system and skin brushing stimulates these areas to aid in optimal lymph and blood circulation and function.

Eco-fin hand or foot treatment - A must for soft, supple hands and feet!!
(Can be added to a massage, facial, body scrub, slimming wrap)

Eco-fin is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paraffin. It is made with 100% natural plant-based emollients and pure essential oils. It contains no petroleum, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrances. Eco-fin is a healthy and nourishing treatment that leaves your skin soft and supple without harming the environment. (does not include soak, exfoliation or cuticle care)

Organic Foot Scrub (Can be added to a facial, massage, or wrap)

Soothe your tired feet with an organic foot scrub. Scrub away that dead skin and reveal beautiful smooth feet. Follow up with the Hydrating Organic Foot Treatment!!

Organic Back Scrub (Can be added to a facial, massage, or wrap)
Your back will be spoiled and pampered with organic and therapeutic products. Starting with a smoothing and detoxifying full back exfoliation, luxurious hot towels will tantalize your skin.



Ask for the Detox Mud Treatment to be added to your next massage or facial!!

Add for only $20 (not part of group discount)

This wonderful bubbling, self heating marine mud is applied down the spine only.         
 Millions of tiny little bubbles perform a micro-massage

to absorb every trace of tension, improving tissue function.
»Relieving tight, congested tissue
»Stimulate elimination systems for overall well-being
»Loosen tight, painful muscles
»Relief from chronic tendon pain
»Arthritis relief
»Relief from edema
»Benefits inflamed joints
»Water retention relief
Cannot add if you have iodine or seaweed allergies.

This wonderful marine mud is applied down the spine only.

This seaweed-based mud possesses spectacular properties because of its nutrient-rich composition. Freeze-dried seawater supplies sluggish cells with all indexed trace elements and minerals to jump-start enzymatic reactions, and revitalize normal cellular functions. Freeze-dried Laminaria, a brown seaweed, contains amino acids, vitamins, and iodine to nourish the tissue. Laminaria also has detoxifying properties, making this mud pack a true deep tissue detoxifier. Magnesium silicates facilitate elimination while conducting heat, helping the mud to heat up on its own. When this mud is applied to an affected area there is a direct exchange between the product and the skin. As the cells absorb the powerful complex of nutrients and balance is achieved, cellular response becomes energized enough to eliminate stored metabolic waste. This activity occurs deep in the tissue, and the previously swollen, painful, and blocked area becomes remineralized and oxygenated with restored circulation.

*Skin Day Spa (Skin llc) makes no claim that results are representative of all consumers who use their services or products. Skin llc recommends you consult with a physician before starting any skin care program. Individual results will vary, therefore no guarantees are offered or implied. Skin Day Spa’s (Skin llc’s) products and/or services are not intended for the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any medical condition.

*Cannot be combined with any other offer or pre booking discount. Packages/series must be used within 12 months. No refunds. Packages/series are as offered and may not be altered or changed in any way. Prepayment in full is required to obtain package pricing.

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